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Wrestler for Life


Whether you are a current or former wrestler, coach, official or you're a fan of the sport you are WELCOME to be part of our family!  Join over 600,000 former wrestlers as we embark on a journey to engage the disconnected wrestling community.  We'll have new stories, creative memes, interactive chats with current and legendary wrestlers, polls, and more so you can follow TEAM USA on their quest to win  world and Olympic medals!

Tell Us Your Story!

Tell us how wrestling has impacted your life and you could win our exclusive "Cauliflower Ear" mug.

This Month's Winner is: Christian Currier! 

"Small Town Boy Becomes NCAA Div. 2 Champion!"

Special Interest

The U.S. Wrestling Foundation and the U.S. Marine Corps are co-sponsors for a Victory Tour on September 9th, 2017 in Detroit, Michigan.  Join us in celebrating our newest world medalists from the 2017 UWW World Championships in Paris, France!  For ticket and associated information on the event click here!


Etch your name in the proverbial wrestling stone!  Leave your legacy in USA Wrestling "iWrestled" for former teammates, coaches, and even rivals!  

See who is in iWrestled!

Meme of the Month

Create and submit your own meme to your's is selected at the end of the month we will send you a gift!

Latest Polls!


Voters nail 3 out of 5 predictions!  Which predictions went your way?


Poll Results: 2017 UWW World Championships!


TEAM USA wins nine medals and Team Title at the World Championships!


Fraser's Edge


Check out what is on the mind of '84 Olympic Gold Medalist and Coach Steve Fraser (if you dare).

What to Watch!

An Iranian refugee discovers that winning the hearts of his chilly American classmates is as simple as winning the school's wrestling tournament.

Travel with Team USA!

Enjoy the City of Lights!  Join USA Wrestling as we travel the globe!  Meet the team and get a "behind-the-scenes" experience.  USA Wrestling is teaming with Global Gurus in offering hotel accommodations, transportation, meals, sightseeing tours, Nike apparel and much more!