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This year’s Greg Strobel “Make A Weight” 30-Day Challenge was another great success! This event continues to provide an opportunity to participate in a cause that honors the messages and teachings Greg valued and stood for throughout his life, which provides the foundation for the Greg Strobel Leadership Academy (GSLA).

The support and participation of those involved this year included 40 new donors, just over a fifty percent increase year over year, and an engaged group of Challenge participants and generous supporters. As a result of everyone’s effort, this year’s Challenge raised over $12,000.

This event continues to be a tremendous experience for everyone involved, including Greg’s family, friends, colleagues, Challenge participants and supporters, and countless others in the wrestling community.

Below are a few comments about the Challenge and support the Greg Strobel Leadership Academy:

“More than anything else, participating in the GSLA Weight Loss Challenge gives me the opportunity to reflect on all the amazing lessons Coach taught not only me, but all his wrestlers over the years. I regularly apply his teachings to my everyday life, and now pass those same lessons to my son. I also really enjoy reminiscing with my teammates throughout the Challenge and laughing about all the great times we had with Coach and each other during our competitive days. It keeps Coach's memory alive, and that means a lot to me.”

~ Derek Zinck, 2023 top fundraiser, Greg Strobel Leadership Academy
challenge and participant and donor 2021-2023

“I am 65 years old and work hard to stay in shape with an exercise routine that I do four days a week, plus a 3 mile walk 4-5 days a week. Now each year when the Strobel pledge is announced I write my check, continue my routine, and then add a strict diet component to hit a target weight which is 10 pounds less than I normally carry. As I go through the month I think of Greg whenever the going gets tough. Greg famously said, “when the going gets tough, work harder” and that is exactly what I do! He is always in my thoughts, but especially during this month. Keeping the memory alive.”

~ Brian Kull, Greg Strobel Leadership Academy challenge participant and donor 2021-2023

Funds raised go directly to the Greg Strobel Leadership Academy, which was created to continue Greg’s legacy of teaching others and unleashing human potential in all areas of life for current and future National Team athletes. Founded on the core beliefs of one of our sport’s greatest athletes and coaches, the Greg Strobel Leadership Academy is a training and development program focused on supporting all members of USA Wrestling with a focus on bridging gaps for our Senior Level athlete’s needs
Looking ahead into 2023, the GSLA will remain focused on curriculum and resource development, partnering with USA Wrestling’s Athlete Advisory Council (AAC) to continue the annual leadership award (to be presented at the US Open annually), as well as content development and building functional teams for GSLA.

Mark your calendars! Next year’s 30-Day Challenge is set to take place February 14 – March 14, 2024. Keeping the spirit of the challenge alive, there will still be an opportunity to “make a weight”, but next year we will focus on four pillars of the GSLA - family, accountability, discipline and a lifetime of good habits. Challenge details and more information to follow in the coming months.

On behalf of Greg’s family and the entire USA Wrestling community, we appreciate your contributions to this effort. #StrobelStrong

Learn more about the GSLA.

Follow these social media pages to stay connected to the Greg Strobel Leadership Academy.

Twitter: @StrobelLegacy
Facebook: Strobel 30 Day Challenge
Instagram: @strobel_legacy_project

For additional information about the GSLA, contact Mike Clayton, USA Wrestling’s National Coaches Education Program (NCEP) Manager at

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