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License Plate Fundraiser



Is there a limit to the number of plates that I can purchase?

No,there is no limit but there is a minimum purchase of 25 plates to get the $5.00 cost. 

Can an individual purchase the plates outside of the school/organization?

Yes, this fundraiser is available for individual participants as well as schools/organizations

Can I purchase a single license plate?

Yes, the cost is $20.00 plus $3.00 shipping per plate.

Can I pay by check?

Yes, download order form and mail payment to USA Wrestling

Stephanie Jezwinski

Fundraising Coordinator

Phone: 719-598-8181

Looking For A Simple High Profit Fundraiser?

With USA Wrestling's License Plate Fundraising Program, your organization or wrestler can benefit with a profit margin of almost 75%.

Does your team, club or school need to raise money?

Check out the USA Wrestling license plate fundraiser!

USA Wrestling is offering license plates like, the one pictured here for $5 each plus shipping and handling for resale at $20.  All the profits are kept in your program to support your wrestlers.  These are real license plates true in size and material and ready to mount on the front of a car (where allowed by law), display in an office, bedroom or dorm or just give as a gift.   A minimum purchase of 25 plates is required.  

There is no pre-ordering or advance collecting by the athletes.  Just order the number of plates that you want and we will send them to you for only $5.00 each plus shipping.  As soon as you receive the plates, you can start raising money.

Please allow 7-10 days for delivery