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US Freestyle National Team by the Numbers

11/14/2017, 10:45am EST
By Michael Willis

Not to be confused with the U.S. World Team, the National Team consists of the top 3 placers at the World Team Trials. Here’s a little information on our current National Team:

Age Range: The ages on the team span from 21-29. The youngest member is #3 at 70 kg, Jason Nolf, whose birthday is January 10th, 1996. The oldest team member, edging Jordan Burroughs by one day, is #2 at 70 kg, Jimmy Kennedy, born July 7th, 1988.

Universities Represented: Ohio State and Penn State lead the way, each landing 4 wrestlers on the team. Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska all have 2 members each. Cornell, Grand View, Iowa State, Minnesota, North Carolina State, North Dakota State, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State all have one.

NCAA Champions: 16 out of the 24 team members have won at least one NCAA Division 1 National Championship, for a combined total of 32 titles. The only wrestler not to compete in Division 1 is #3 at 61 kg Brandon Wright, who was a 2 time NAIA Champion at Grand View.

States Represented: The state of Ohio has 4 native wrestlers on the team with Illinois and New Jersey close behind them with 3 apiece. Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, and Pennsylvania each have 2. Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, and Wisconsin stock the rest of the team with one wrestler each.

Clubs Represented: It should be noted that just because a wrestler represents a club, doesn’t mean they actively train there. For example, 13 of the wrestlers on the National Team represent Titan Mercury Wrestling Club, even though there though there is no centralized training location for these athletes to practice together. Who wrestlers represent is usually based around who is funding them, not where they actually train. Finishing runner up to Titan Mercury was the Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club with 4 wrestlers on the team. Tied for third is the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club and the New York Athletic Club. The Minnesota Storm also landed two wrestlers on the team. #2 at 86 kg, David Taylor, listed both Titan Mercury and the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club for his club.

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