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Wresting for peace

USA Wrestling for Peace

USA Wrestling For Peace

Why We Exist...

The purpose of the USA Wrestling for Peace (USAW4P) program is to promote wrestling as a positive force in local, national and global communities. The sport of wrestling can cultivate stronger international ties which in turn can enhance the future of wrestling as an Olympic sport.  We must act with meaning and purpose in the global public sphere, as well as engaging influential decision-makers who can enhance relations.



To foster international relations and strengthen cultural understandings through wrestling.



Connecting the world through wrestling.

What's Happening 'Off the Mat'

North Africa welcomes USA Wrestling for Peace Ambassadors: The Struggle in the Sand of the Sahara

The Struggle in the Sand of the Sahara

USA Wrestling ambassadors will encounter an ancient wrestling civilization in the Sahara Desert November 3rd – 8th.  Ambassadors Dan Russell and Kiki Kelley are headed to the Tindouf Province in Algeria, North Africa.  Wrestling is a rich part of the Sahrawi Bedouin tribe’s story for thousands of years. These rugged people inherited a beautiful history, deeply rooted in the sport.  Unfortunately, as a result of growing up as refugees, they have almost lost this important part of their culture. The purpose of the trip is to deepen the relationship between two very diverse cultures through the shared experience of wrestling.

Wrestling for Peace Ambassadors, Russell and Kelley, will meet with the Minister of Sport to build strategies to keep this important part of the Sahrawi culture alive.  Kiki Kelley said, “wrestling is the world’s first sport and the Sahrawi people were part of that over 5,000 years ago.  We’re here to help rekindle that wrestling spirit in them and help meet humanitarian needs.”

Wrestling in the desert has many challenges. There’s a struggle for life’s daily necessities that is always present and radical groups often look for recruits among the desperate.  Wrestling provides context to both of these obstacles.  It challenges mind, body and spirit to overcome hardship and produces humility through a deeper understanding of the human struggle.

There are many things the global wrestling family can learn through relationships built in the desert. The Sahrawi are learning to overcome the wrestling match of life.  As a wrestling family we are asking how we can come alongside and help.  Dan Russell, said, “This is what makes the USA Wrestling for Peace program so important.  We have access to the most difficult places all over the world and they love wrestling.  We can build bridges to people that can’t be reached through traditional organizations.” 

To help support and fund Wrestling for Peace initiatives visit: 

USA Wrestling for Peace in Puerto Rico

Hello USA Wrestling for Peace fans!  USA Wrestling recently launched an initiative to help our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico following the devastating Hurricane almost two years ago.  The Puerto Rico Wrestling Federation through United World Wrestling requested support to help rebuild their your wrestling programs.  We are here to help to move forward following the tragedy.  If you would like to donate, contact Lorraine Rorabaugh at or call 719-598-8181.










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Goodwill at 2018 World Cup!


USA Wrestling for Peace offers token of goodwill at the 2018 World Cup in Iowa city, Iowa.


USA Wrestling Launches 'USA Wrestling for Peace' World Tour to Distribute $50M in Medical Aid

Colorado Springs, CO – Mar. 13, 2018 – USA Wrestling, the national governing body for the sport in the United States announced today the launch of the USA Wrestling for Peace ‘World Impact Tour’.  The program offers support and humanitarian aid to struggling communities around the globe.

The World Impact Tour will visit 13 countries, including the USA, Algeria, Kenya, Congo, Rwanda, Croatia, Serbia, Kenya, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Uganda, and Zambia. 

Rich Bender, the Executive Director of USA Wrestling said “Wrestling is a global sport that transcends borders and cultures.  Team USA has tremendous access and friendships wherever we go.  We want to do our part to help them overcome their challenges and bridge the gap between cultures.”

Each country has a unique culture and specific needs.  To meet the demand, USA Wrestling is partnered with Make It Rain to provide medical and humanitarian aid and the U.S. Wrestling Foundation to maximize support and coordination.  

Make It Rain is a 501(c)3 non-profit that utilizes their networking skills to simply help others help others.  Founded in 2012 by Austin and Julie Landes, they primarily deal with programs relating to medical aid, womens's empowerment programs and construction projects.  

Jeff Waters, the Chairman for the U.S. Wrestling Foundation said “This is our DNA.  Everyone wrestles. It is the human condition.  The USA Wrestling for Peace program embraces this universal struggle to help communities in need.” USWF will coordinate trips and partnerships to support activities and aid distribution.

About USA Wrestling:

USA Wrestling is the National Governing Body for the Sport of Wrestling in the United States as the representative to the United States Olympic Committee and coordinator of amateur wrestling programs. 

USA Wrestling has more than 226,000 members. These members include athletes of all ages, coaches, officials, parents and fans. Each year, USA Wrestling charters over 4,500 wrestling clubs and sanctions over 2,100 local, state, regional and national competitions. Website:

About Make It Rain: Based in Washington State, Make It Rain has been helping others, who help others since 2012.  Website:

About U.S. Wrestling Foundation:

USWF coordinates and funds growth opportunities for wrestling at all levels. 

Media Contacts:

Gary Abbott, 719-598-8181,

Jack Clark, 703-297-6351,


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USAW4P & Team USA Visit City Light in Boise, ID

Photo: Two-time Olympian Ben Provisor, World Team member Pat Smith and Armed Forces silver medalist John Stefanowicz visit with kids at City Light.

Make It Rain, a USA Wrestling for Peace partner has pledged medical support  to the Mully Children's Family.  Pictured are John Bardis (Producer for the 'Mully Movie'), Charles Mulli (Founder, Mully Children's Family), and Rich Bender, Executive Director for USA Wrestling

World Impact Tour

Algeria - Provide medical aid to the Sahrawi Tribe and restore the ancient wrestling culture and identity.  Watch the video  Dan Russell (Raw) video

Congo - Help abused women from worn-torn areas to learn self-defense and provide medical aid at the Panzi Hospital.

Croatia/Serbia - Support a Paralympic program for adaptive sport athletes and medical aid with wrestlers and MMA fighters.

Dominican Republic - Deliver 600K lbs. of food and medical aid through the San Una Nacion. 

Guatamala - Build wrestling program for the youth of Livingston, Guatemala. This new program will help steer young lives in a positive direction and bring hope to future generations in this community. 

Kenya - Provide Mull Children's Family with medical aid and develop youth through wrestling.

Mexico - Team USA's Greco-Roman team visit to build a home for a needy family with Hope Sports.  Watch the video

Puerto Rico - Rebuild homes by hurricane Maria with wrestlers and coaches.

Rwanda - Develop low-income housing project to empower local residents as home owners.

Uganda - Participate in mobile medical clinics to aid remote communities.

Zambia - Work with CitiHope and Project C.U.R.E. in support of the First Lady of Zambia provide medical aid.

Rockport, TX (Jan 2018) - USA Wrestling For Peace Ambassador Dan Russell teamed with the US Wrestling Foundation and CitiHope to help build a families home lost in Hurricane Harvey.  World Silver Medalist James Green was also a key contributor to the effort.   Watch the video

Boise, ID (Feb 2018) - USA Wrestling's Greco-Roman team partnered with Camp Rainbow Gold to support adaptive sports for children who are in various stages of battling cancer.  Members of the Greco-Roman team also visited City Light, an organization which supports women and children who are homeless, suffer from drug addiction, or are victims of domestic violence.   Watch the video  Read the article

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Make It Rain

Hope Sports


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Program Manager, USA Wrestling For Peace

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