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Since 1969, over 12.3 million (1) wrestling participants have poured out their blood, sweat, and even tears on high school mats across the country, yet somewhere and somehow along the way USA Wrestling has lost its connection with many former wrestlers.  Sure, we have an eye on our elite-level wrestlers, but what about you?  What about the former high school wrestler that still has pride in telling someone “yeah, I wrestled”?  As a former wrestler myself, I’ve had those “water cooler” moments that remind people that you are of a pedigree that makes the toughest people on the planet.  It’s because no other sport requires the mental fortitude and discipline it takes to be a wrestler.  The sport instills the values of courage, hard work, perseverance and humility.  It forges character that lasts a lifetime. 

It’s your character that fuels our desire to reinvigorate our fan base by reconnecting with you!  Statistically, nearly 97% (2) of high school wrestlers never wrestled at the collegiate level (and if you did, we want you too).  Many of us that didn’t wrestle in college still want to feel connected with the sport, but it hasn’t been easy to do.  Sure, we get to watch the NCAA National Wrestling Championships and one night of Olympic wrestling on a cable sports channel, but I often found myself wondering…when are the senior events?  When can I watch the Olympic caliber wrestler and where can I watch them?  What is wrestling’s “marquee” event and when is it?  

In an effort to answer those questions we have created a program, a “club” if you will, called “Wrestler for Life”.  This club will present you with engaging human interest stories, interactive chats with current and former wrestlers via social media, creative memes, power polls, and much more.  We want this to be your club so you tell us what you want to see.  We want your stories and pictures to share with the community.  No matter what your occupation is your status doesn’t change…you are a champion and a WRESTLER FOR LIFE! 

Welcome Back To the Mat!



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